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How To Download __HOT__ Dhavamai Dhavamirunthu, A Heartfelt Tamil Drama Movie, In MP4 Format

In this article, we will tell you more about the plot, the cast, and the reviews of Dhavamai Dhavamirunthu. We will also show you how to download this movie in MP4 format, so that you can watch it anytime and anywhere.

How to Download Dhavamai Dhavamirunthu, a Heartfelt Tamil Drama Movie, in MP4 Format

What is Dhavamai Dhavamirunthu about?

Dhavamai Dhavamirunthu, which means With much penance in Tamil, is a story of a father and his two sons. The father, Muthaiah, is a lower-middle-class man who runs a printing press and works hard to provide a good education and a comfortable life for his sons. The movie begins with Muthaiah being admitted to the hospital due to a serious head injury. The incident that led to the injury is kept in suspense for the audience. The story is narrated by Muthaiahs second son Ramalingam, who comes to visit his father in the hospital.

As Ramalingam travels to see his father, he recollects his childhood and teenage memories with him. He remembers how his father used to work tirelessly and borrow money from moneylenders to buy gifts for his sons during festivals. He also remembers how his father used to discipline him and his elder brother Ramanathan when they were tempted by the vices of adolescence. Ramalingam also recalls how he fell in love with his college classmate Vasanthi and got her pregnant accidentally. This led to a lot of complications and dilemmas for him and his family.

The movie shows how Muthaiah deals with all these challenges and tries to keep his family together. It also shows how Ramalingam and Ramanathan grow up to become successful persons in their respective fields, but also face their own problems and conflicts. The movie ends with a twist that reveals the cause of Muthaiahs injury and how it affects his relationship with his sons.

Who are the actors in Dhavamai Dhavamirunthu?

The movie features an ensemble cast of talented actors who deliver powerful performances. The main cast includes:

  • Rajkiran as Muthaiah, the father who loves his sons unconditionally and sacrifices everything for them.

  • Cheran as Ramalingam, the second son who narrates the story and faces many difficulties in his personal and professional life.

  • Padmapriya as Vasanthi, Ramalingams love interest and wife who supports him through thick and thin.

  • Saranya as Sarada, Muthaiahs wife who stands by him in all situations.

  • Senthil Kumar as Ramanathan, the elder son who becomes a successful lawyer but has a strained relationship with his father.

  • Meenal as Ramanathans wife who tries to bridge the gap between him and his father.

What are the reviews of Dhavamai Dhavamirunthu?

Dhavamai Dhavamirunthu received critical acclaim from both critics and audiences. It was praised for its realistic and emotional depiction of family dynamics, its strong script and dialogues, its brilliant direction and editing, its soulful music and cinematography, and its superb acting by the cast. The movie was also appreciated for its social message of family welfare and values.

The movie has a rating of 7.9 out of 10 on IMDb, based on 551 user reviews. Some of the positive reviews are:

"One of the best movies I have 04f6b60f66

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