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The best overall choice for pest control services in the Houston and Greater Houston area is TERMINIX. TERMINIX is a national brand offering customizable plans and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. The packages include a general household pest control plan which covers all the common Texas pests, such as cockroaches, ants and scorpions. The company also has specific plans for dealing with termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes and ticks.


Due to the seasonal nature of pests, TERMINIX offers one-time treatments as well as quarterly visits. Additionally, the company will provide home services like attic insulation and crawlspace cleaning.

A rigorous 160 hours of training is required for new Orkin employees and as a result, Orkin employs some of the most reputable technicians in the industry. Home services provided by the company include moisture control and attic treatments to prevent pests from entering your home in the first place.

Why We Like Them: For more than 120 years, Orkin has provided professional pest control services throughout the U.S. The company has an impeccable Better Business Bureau rating and consistently receives high customer reviews. Orkin offers both basic residential and commercial pest control, as well as integrated pest management services to customize a pest control solution to suit your needs.

There are a few factors you should look into when choosing the best pest control company for you: the type of pests you are dealing with, the cost of services, the types of services and schedule offered by each company and their reputation and customer reviews.

You will need to determine if the company you are considering is capable of handling the type of pest infesting your home. For example, local pest control companies in Houston will be able to handle the pests common in Texas such as scorpions, fire ants and cockroaches. National chains may be able to handle these types of pests but they may not specialize in them. Additionally, some pest control companies do not cover termites, while others do not eliminate bedbugs.

If a company offers recurring treatments, make sure to inquire about how often they conduct those treatments. Research which types of services are offered by each company and, if applicable, the types of pests invading your home. The frequency of pest control treatments varies; some companies come quarterly, others once every other month.

Asking your neighbors can also be an excellent way to find a good pest control company in Houston or any other city. Most likely, your neighbors are dealing with the exact same pests as you so check to see what pest control companies they have hired or had success with.Best Pest Control Companies By States And Cities

Although some pests, such as spiders and cockroaches, may be exterminated without the help of professionals, others may require much more serious treatment. It is nearly impossible to safely exterminate scorpions and termites (both common in Houston) without professional help.

Depending on the size of your house, the severity of the infestation and the type of pest, the cost of pest control can vary greatly. Local companies may have slightly higher prices than national brands like TERMINIX and Orkin, the latter of which average between $500 to $600 per service. Nearly all pest control companies will offer a free quote.

Pest control companies provide regular treatments either every other month (six times per year) or once a quarter (four times per year), depending on the service. In case of a serious infestation, pest control companies may set a stricter and more frequent schedule until the problem is resolved.

There are many ways to rid your home of roaches. For starters, cut off their food supply by cleaning up food, waste, and standing water. Next, purchase glue strips, baits and traps, boric acid, or liquid concentrates and strategically place them near common nesting areas, refreshing them every 2-3 weeks. (This Old House) Taking a DIY approach to roach abatement is doable, but for faster, longer-lasting results, consult a local Houston pest control expert.

Our home pest control services are designed to protect you year-round from nuisance intruders such as ants, cockroaches, spiders and other household pests for Greater Houston-Galveston homeowners. Our home pest protection plan includes routine visits and any emergency visits at no extra charge.

If you agree with the above statements I urge you to give us a call and let us tell you more about all of the many ways we are different than other pest control companies in the Birmingham area.

CPL Pest Control Based on 54 Google reviews Clarissa Priest June 28, 2022. We kept finding cockroaches in the house and when one showed up in my shoe when I was putting it on, I was at my wits end! They were able to schedule a time to come out and spray the next day. It ended up raining and we did the day after, but they were quick to respond and update me! Abraham Guerrero March 3, 2022. So you know how you would be walking to your kitchen. You turn on the light and you get surprised by one of these very, very large and obscene roaches. Your first thought would beI'm not dealing with this. So I went online and shopped around. I ended up coming across CPL pest control, and saw that mainly it was a local business, I've been doing it for quite some time as well. As I was reading the reviews I was convinced that this company would do a good job. So I called and was expecting a machine to answer when in reality Christopher answered the phone, and was able to schedule me in a very timely manner. Very professional, and informative. I am very appreciative that he was able to treat the home, and bring peace of mind.I am quite happy with the service that has been provided, and will be using CPL pest control in the future. Julia Mayorga February 4, 2022. Chris did an outstanding job spraying every inch of the front and back yard, including the outside walls of the whole house! And then he did a very thorough job on the inside. I am so grateful for his hard work and dedication to what he does, as I could clearly see he cares about our home. Two weeks later we are happy to report there is nothing BUG-ging us and making our lives uncomfortable! Thank you so much for your genuine care! Peter Cox February 4, 2022. I had CPL Pest Control come to my house and spray for tree roaches and other insects. I was having a hard time getting rid of them. Chris was very knowledgeable and knew exactly what to do. I began seeing results the very next day. I will definitely use them again. Thank you Chris. Thomas Roach January 4, 2022. 1st pest control visit. It seemed like Chris was very thorough and professional.

In homes, pests can be a dangerous, expensive nuisance to you and your family. But in places of business, pests wreak even more havoc. They can spread germs and diseases to workers and patrons, scare away customers, and cause you to fail inspections. Because pests mean bad business for places like hotels, restaurants, and production facilities, John Moore offers our commercial customers with weekly, bi-weekly, and even daily pest control services.

Although our monthly pest control plan covers all of the standard pests and treatments included in our standard quarterly and bi-monthly plan, it is really meant to treat one pest in particular: German cockroaches. Smaller than American cockroaches, German cockroaches reproduce by the thousands, making them especially persistent and tricky to get rid of. If you have German cockroaches in your home, we will highly recommend our monthly pest control plan because it is one of the only ways to ensure they stay gone for good. Along with our chemical treatments, we will specifically target German cockroaches with variety of roach traps, baits, and pesticides to roach breeding areas.

Our standard bi-monthly pest control plan includes everything that our quarterly plan does, except we will treat your home every two-months treating 15 feet from your foundation. If your home is located in a heavily wooded area like The Woodlands or Spring Branch, we will typically recommend our bi-monthly pest control plan over our quarterly plan because of the higher frequency of pests around your home.

Our quarterly pest control plan covers all standard pests both inside and outside of your home. For this plan, we provide your home with a hospital-approved chemical treatment that we cycle to prevent pests from building a tolerance. We apply the chemical treatment along the baseboards of your home, around any cracks or crevices that serve as entry points for insects, and around the perimeter 15 feet away from your foundation. When any of the standard insects and pests come across this chemical, they will quickly shrivel up and die.

The instance where we will almost always recommend a one-time, whole-home treatment is if you have bed-bugs in your home. Typically, if we treat your whole house for bed bugs, they will all die off and disappear unless someone happens to bring them back inside as a stowaway passenger in their purse, luggage or on their clothes, which does tend to happen. For more information on our bed bug home treatment plans, please visit our bedbug control service page.

After many years of providing pest control services in one of the most mosquito-riddled cities in America, we know how these pesky and sometimes-harmful insects operate and what it takes to get rid of them. Our top-of-the-line products and unique processes mean that our mosquito control solutions work exponentially better than store-bought treatments.

Every business is a little different, which is why we partner with business leaders to create custom-tailored pest control plans that not only rid your business of pests, but also ensure that pests stay gone for good. We provide pre-audit inspections so that your business adheres to any and all audits and passes pest-related inspections with flying colors. 041b061a72

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