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Download OK Computer by Radiohead: The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying the Masterpiece

Radiohead's early, full-bodied music was, in most circles then, dismissed as empty Americanisms-- and not without reason. The expansive Pablo Honey set-- the 12-song album accompanied by 22 extras-- mostly highlights a group in hock to U.S. indie heroes Pixes and Dinosaur Jr. (with the occasional R.E.M. homage tossed in-- see: "Lurgee"). The loose "Anyone Can Play Guitar" and delicate "Thinking About You" thankfully break up the 120-minute mood, but most of the rest of the album is squarely in the post-grunge wheelhouse. That's not always a bad thing: "Stop Whispering", opener "You", and a re-recorded version of early single "Prove Yourself" hold up well-- and "Creep" has oddly gotten better with age. Elsewhere, the dreadful "Pop Is Dead", and songs like "How Do You?", "I Can't", "Ripcord", and "Vegetable" are run of the mill at best.

Radiohead Ok Computer Full Album Zip

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