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Orient Beach Nude Pics __FULL__

We have heard the Orient Beach is a nude beach but we hear it is a nice beach. Do we have to be naked to go to that beach? You would not want to see me in the buff. My wife is another story. are there beach patrols to prevent idiots from taking pictutes.

orient beach nude pics


I've been to Orient Beach many times, and have always worn a bathing suit. It is a "nude/topless" optional beach because it is on the French side . I always go there when I'm in St. Martin...beautiful beach! There are lots of shops, restaurants, and bars there, and it is a very long beach. I remember being there once back in the early 90's, and there was a nude-only beach area way down at the end. We "stumbled" onto it while we were trying to find a public bathroom. Interesting! On my last several stops there, I have taken a taxi from Phillipsburg to Orient Beach, and asked the taxi driver to meet me there at a designated time for the ride back to the ship. They always showed up, and I never had a problem!! Hope to be back there again on the 9-17 CB...if the weather allows!

The nudity at Orient Beach is no big deal... As Americans, we relate nudity to sex, to the French, as well as many other countries, nudity is just the way people attend the beach. No big whoop. Our daughter was with us when we were there - she'd just turned 13... We wanted to go because we'd heard it was so beautiful. We wore our suits, as we are a very modest family. It took about two minutes for her to forget that there were naked people there and just enjoy being at the beach and in the water. Really, you should go. I took pictures while I was there, but not of the people around us. I took pics of my husband and daughter splashing around in the water and having a great time. It's a beautiful place.

The nudist resort is on the far right side (as you face the water) of the beach. There's at least one large sign stating that this part of Orient Beach is nude. On the rest of the beach, you'll see some topless women and a few nudes, but the vast majority of people will be wearing bathing suits - you won't feel out of place at all.

OB is a beautiful beach. It is there for everyone to use whether nude or clothed. There is a forum designated to St. Maartin and the folks that use Orient are always making fun of the "cruisers" who just go for the looking around. Believe me, if you try and take a picture, there are "camera police" :cool:

Be aware, though, that nudity exists at just about all of the French Saint-Martin beaches. We were recently horseback riding on Le Galion Beach near the Butterfly Farm and saw nude bathers. No big deal - I did warn my kids ahead of time, though, so that there were no surprises for them. ;)

The Orient Beach experience is one not to miss. The water is warm, the wind is always there and it is a very unique day off the ship. Our first visit was to to Bikini Beach bar there and have been back three times. Yah - it takes a little bit to get over *some* nudity you might see but it's the culture there. Get over it!!! I had a completly nude woman come up next to me at the bar requesting a drink. She had no problem with it but I did. Blame it on my American upbringing where bathing suits are required. I later visited that beach with my son. He found it appropriate to swim nude. Trust me, I didn't look. It had been a long time since I had changed his diaper!! More power to him - he took advantage of something I wished I could have done.

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